Group Counseling

1729136617Maybe you think no one else can relate to your feelings.

You can’t seem to connect with others and feel invisible in the world.

Sometimes, it’s easier just to engage in social media on your phone rather than talk to anyone, but you feel like something is missing.

You’ve tried to make progress on your own, but you’ve struggled with accountability.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re not alone?

Group counseling offers a unique safe space…

… where you can share your struggles with a supportive network of others going through similar situations.

There are enormous benefits from getting feedback in real-time from others under the guidance of counselor facilitators (I sometimes have a co-facilitator with me).

You’ll enjoy a sense of community and receive support from others. This is particularly powerful if you struggle with grief, depression, anxiety, or anger.

While topics and the “flow” of the session are guided, I prefer the groups to lead themselves to a certain extent, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to speak and minimizing interruptions.

1421336027Here’s some more detail…

The groups I offer are considered “closed,” meaning once the group begins, no one else will join in.

While I ask that participants honor confidentiality and privacy, there is no way to guarantee that will be upheld. There is, however, a screening process for group counseling services to create the most productive atmosphere and make every effort to make the experience positive for whoever joins.

Group counseling is often more affordable than individual therapy and shorter in duration. Groups are between 6-8 participants in size and usually run for six weeks, with weekly 1.5-hours sessions.

You’ve been craving authentic engagement…

This is your chance!

If sharing in a group setting feels intimidating, remember this: Everyone else feels the same way. We, humans, are built for connection.

Honor that part of yourself by reaching out to see how group counseling can help you.

New offerings are coming soon. Give me a call for more information! (720) 797-9828