Therapy for Teen Girls

627623021Your daughter is struggling…

… and you don’t know where to turn.

You were a connected family at one point, and now it feels like you are strangers.

Your inside jokes now fall flat, and it’s a struggle just to get direct eye contact.

Efforts at conversation feel forced and contrived.

You miss the easy laughter that used to fill your home.

You’re frustrated, sad, and confused as you wonder if you will ever be close again.

It’s a battle of wills… day in and day out.

Nothing you say comes across right and leads to more arguments. You lose your temper more than you’d like, but you don’t know how else to be heard.

You see her choice of friends and selection of clothing. Ugh. Is this just teenage rebellion or cause for deeper concern?

No one prepared you for this season of parenthood. Your relationship turned in a direction you never saw coming, and it seemed to happen overnight!

If only you’d known that nights up with a crying baby would be a welcome relief to fighting with your child you love so dearly.

This has been the hardest of all your challenges as a parent.

1332865433You know your daughter needs help… and soon.

It could impact her education, future, and health if she doesn’t. You worry about addiction, self-harm… even unplanned pregnancy. You can’t help but wonder if there are dark secrets you don’t know.

You’ve tried tough love and “Love and Logic”…

You’ve listened to podcasts…

You’ve talked to friends…

But, alas, you’ve not seen any lasting change.

I love working with teenage girls.

There are unique challenges and gifts that come with the journey of adolescence.

No longer children but not quite adults, teenage girls are in a constant push and pull of seeking security and clamoring for age-appropriate independence.

I’m here to help your daughter learn how to cope with the very real pressures of school, home, and social life. Sitting down for talk therapy is sometimes not what my teen clients need, so I’m prepared to include art, journaling, Spotify playlists, and walks to connect in a meaningful way with your daughter.

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is an approach that helps teens regulate their emotions and tap into their inner wisdom to make sound choices. Weaving DBT into a relaxed and engaged setting creates a space for a therapeutic relationship that offers relief from the struggles your daughter is facing.

Just remember: This isn’t about getting your little girl back. It’s about learning to embrace your daughter exactly where she is.

2182858877And if you happen to be a teenage girl, this part is for you.

So many of the teen girls who come to see me haven’t learned healthy ways to cope and end up going down the destructive path of cutting or thoughts of self-harm.

You just want the hurt to STOP. Even if it’s not that bad, I’m sure you’re DONE with being an anxious, depressed, hot mess.

School is hard or not challenging enough, friends can be a source of support or betrayal, and you alternate between good and bad days with your parents, siblings, and life.

It’s okay to feel nervous or have doubts about what meeting with a therapist might be like, but I am here for you.

A word about confidentiality: What happens in session stays in session. The only time that changes is if I am worried about your or someone else’s safety.

My goal is to help you connect with ways to feel happy, confident, and capable of handling whatever gets thrown at you.

You can restore this relationship.

I know it can be hard to reach out for help, but please do. I have a lot of experience helping teens and their parents through this tough time.

I offer a free 20-minute consultation to answer your questions and see if I’m the best fit to help your daughter.

Call today to schedule. Let’s talk about how I can help: (720) 797-9828.